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HOW TO: add a new email account to Outlook Express 6

HOW TO: add a new email account to Eudora 5.2

HOW TO: add a new email account to Netscape 4.7x

HOW TO: add a new email account to Netscape 7

Incoming Mail (POP3) mail.ez2.net
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.ez2.net
Web Mail http://mail.ez2.net
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Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.wgn.net
Web Mail http://mail.wgn.net
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Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.metroshores.net
Web Mail http://mail.metroshores.net
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Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.wilstream.net
Web Mail http://mail.wilstream.com:8383/
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Web Mail http://mail.i680n.com/
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Web Mail http://mail.leapfroginet.com/
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Outgoing Mail (SMTP) mail.brawleyonline.com
Web Mail BrawleyOnline Webmail

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