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Standard Dialup Dedicated Dialup Bullet Speed Internet Internet From The Sky
Speed 56k 56k 2-5x Faster than 56k 10x Faster than 56k
Setup Fee FREE FREE FREE $199
Email Accounts 3 6 3 5
Unlimited / Dedicated **Unlimited Dedicated **Unlimited **Unlimited
Website 10 MB 30 MB 10 MB 10 MB
FREE 24 Hour Tech. Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly $19.95
Quarterly $53.85
N/A $58.95
6 Months $94.50
N/A $109.95
Yearly $175.00 $160.00
N/A $199.95

**Unlimited Personal Accounts: The dial-up accounts provided to all EZ2 Network, Inc. users are intended for low volume, non-commercial use. Unlimited access means that you may log on an unlimited number of times. However, it does not mean an unlimited amount of time. One example of inappropriate use is "Parking" on line: leaving your computer connected to the Internet with no activity. This unfairly and unnecessarily ties up modems, denying access to other users. Please be considerate to others by logging off when you are not actively using the Internet. This gives other users access to the Internet without busy signals and keeps the monthly cost low. The busiest times for the Internet are between the hours of 7 PM and 11 PM, Monday through Thursday. During this time period, we request that you pay close attention to your connectivity to allow for maximum connectivity to all users

Click Here to download our Windows Version of Slipstream Setup Software.

MAC users, please click Here to download the MAC Version of Slipstream Setup Software.

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